Why choose Caffebene?

The best cafe for you.

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Good Cafe with
Good People and
Good Beans – is the Caffebene

Bene, which means ‘best’, is the name commensurate with taste profile of our coffee generated through exhaustive supervisory and management process.

We offer you the ‘bene’ cafe for that joy of cup of coffee and the quality time.

Roasting Plant

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Roasting Plant with the most advanced roasting facilities

Roasting plant established in 2014 , Caffebene offers the best taste profile coffee roasted with premium beans to give that specialty taste.

Roasted beans are carefully and thoroughly analyzed by the licensed Q-graders through cupping tastes.

Annual production of up to 63 million cups

Roasting plant has capacity of 1,008 tons of coffee beans which can generate up to 63 million cups of coffee.

13 steps of processing

The quality beans are processed in 13 steps where 4 steps include picking out debris of beans and 4 steps involve quality control processes.

Roast Master Assistant

The roasting process is closely monitored and the relevant data is recorded via RMA (Roast Master Assistant) system adopted to record the roasting data in real time basis.

R&D Story

Caffebene’s Recognized
R&D Capability

Caffebene’s single most priority is customer satisfaction. Therefore, we thrive and put in our upmost effort in offering a sensational experience through continuous menu development.

A department fully dedicated to R&D regarding coffees and a wide variety of flavorsome options such as Bingsu, beverage, bagel, etc. known for its originality and quality. As a result, these menus have grown into our customer’s heart as Caffebene’s signature menus.